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Providing accurate local weather information to allow farmers to make well informed decisions

Crop Advisory

Connecting farmers to agricultural experts to improve yield, quality and quantity wise

Livestock Advisory

Advisory on raising, breeding, and housing livestock using the best farm management practices

Advisory Modern Technologies

Guiding farmers and providing access to technologies such as satellite imagery, soil testing digital lab, monitoring and spraying drones

Disaster Management

Through modern technologies, help predict onset of disasters, based on targeted warnings and issue alerts to farmers most likely to be impacted.

Content (Written, Audio, Video)

Build the capacity of the farmer through technological channels such as IVR, SMS, VMS, call center and social media

Advisory Inputs / Machinery

Providing farmers with relevant and actionable information regarding inputs and their usage.

Agri Commerce

Eliminating middlemen and connecting farmer directly to the consumers.

Market/Mandi Rates

Updated current market rates on a daily basis, for improved understanding of the market

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BaKhabar Kissan is Pakistan's leading AgriTech. Farmers are at the core of our business. BKK takes a holistic approach to enable farmers make data driven decisions. We cater both production and market/sales related issues that exist in the Agri value chain. We not only provide crop, livestock, weather, mandi rates, remote sensing based advisory to farmers, but also connect them to consumers and business. Every farmer has his/her own journey on BKK, based on their profile (location/crop etc.). It's our primary responsibility to ensure that we contribute towards improving the lives of our Farmers.

While the platform is primarily for the farmers, the equation is never complete without other stakeholders in the Agri Value chain. BKK is a platform where all stakeholders in the Agri Value chain can interact and transact for mutual benefits. BKK provides businesses with an opportunity to connect with farmers for inputs and for buying back farmer's produce. It is also used as an engagement platform by businesses. Our digital payment's ecosystem enable business to make transactions with farmers.

BaKhabar Kissan in collaboration with the Government of Sindh and KPK, has been working towards building the capacity of farmers to increase their agricultural yield and decrease cost. BaKhabar Kissan plays a vital role in helping the government with the disaster management such as the locust outbreak, through their drone's technology. BaKhabar Kissan aims to facilitate the government in minimizing challenges faced by farmers by providing vital data for soil monitoring and crop development, installing weather stations for better weather assessments, satellite imagery, providing on ground trainings to farmers and equipment for collaborative use.

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khizer alam khan

Khizer Alam Khan

Usman Ishaq

Usman Ishaq

Dr. Fuad Imran khan

Dr. Fuad Imran khan

Chief Strategy & Partnerships
Jaudat Shaikh

Jaudat Shaikh

Nadeem Austin

Nadeem Austin

Chief Agri Officer
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Rizwan Hafeez

Head of Field Operations
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Adnan Reshi

Head of People & Culture
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Raja Hamza

Head of Project Management
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Nadeem Shaikh

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Naeem Zamindar

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Vladimira Mesko Briestenska

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Prof. Abdur Rashid Ch

Training in UK, USA, China, Canada and Nepal. DG, Dept of Agriculture AJK from 1975-2014. Provided Consultancy to FAO, UNDP, NRSP, IOEN, PPAF, JBIC and HRDI
Dr. Khalid

Dr. Khalid Masood

OFIG, LTST & SLBAP Lead a UNDP Mission Worked as FAO consultant and consultant for TSUs in the Northern Areas of Pakistan. Served in the Govt. at senior level
Prof. Abdur Rashid

Ch Haq Nawaz

EMFP Govt. of Punjab Agricultural Extension Training Specialist (UNDP, FAO). Professor- Institute of Higher Education Kano Nigeria. Lecturer Ministry of Education Zambia
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Hasan Mustafa

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Hamza Rajput

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Jarrar Haider

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